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The country's largest online shopping mall and the only full-fledged e-commerce website in the country of Bangla. Here all buyers of all ages are bought from house-to-house products, gadgets, electronics, household appliances, leather goods, jewelry, kids accessories, cosmetics, fashion and lifestyle products, and everything is available at very cheap prices.

Anytime from anywhere in Bangladesh, online shoppers order their preferred products through the internet and Habshah offers buyers delivering buyers across Bangladesh in their own management.

If you are considering a modern business plan at a very low cost for the expansion of your business, which will make your product very briefly to the buyers, as well as expand your business excellence in the competitive market, then may be a perfect for you. Business platform.

Habshah conducts various promotional activities for expanding your business, while simultaneously giving your product identity, sales and dividends as well as overall making your path as a successful businessman overall.

Today's deal is always conscious to increase the positive acceptance of merchants' products. Today's deal uses various promotional tools for the purpose of promoting and promoting merchandise brands / products. In addition to traditional promotion such as television / radio advertising, billboards or banners or festoons, Habshah will market your product under an integrated promotional package that gives you a clear idea about your product market.

Habshah also has active customer care division for buyers' order acceptance and delivery process management. Our customer care service operates its own program from 9am to 11pm through its own call center for seven days a week, which helps in promoting and promoting the merchants / vendors' products.

Habshah Dot, the largest online shopping mall, offers direct delivery to the buyers' ordering products in almost all the districts of the country. In this case Habshah also has an efficient delivery / Fulfillment team.

Today's deal, with its own development team, photographer and designer, uploads the product offers to ensure the quality of the pictures of all merchants. However, the opinion of the merchant was priority.

Habshah এর রয়েছে নিজস্ব পেমেন্ট গেটওয়ে সিস্টেম। ক্রেতারা Habshah এ তার যেকোন ভিসা/মাস্টার কার্ড ব্যবহার করে মুল্য প্রয়ান করতে পারেন। এছাড়া বিকাশ এর মাধ্যমেও ক্রেতারা কেনাকাটা করতে পারে্ন।